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Founded 1984
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Lock down 2

The sun comes up and the sun goes down,

The hands on the clock keep going around,

I no sooner get up and it's time to lay down,

Life gets tedious, don't it?

So, here are some suggestions for things you could do whilst we’re in this “Lock Down” situation!

Re-read the School Magazines of your time at Dixie. Or you could explore the ones from 1892 to 1914. Life at the School was very different then.

Click on the picture to visit.

What do you know about the people who gave their names to each of the Houses?

Lots of facts for you to explore!

Click on your tie.

Working in the garden? Get some ideas from these pages with links to possible suppliers.

Click on the picture.

This is a personal collection of memorabilia donated by one of our members dating from the beginnings of DGSA in 1984.

Over 700 photographs and other documents.

Click on the picture.


This is a series of articles by former pupils that records their career path from leaving school until the date of  their writing. They are not published on the Website but are stored in the Association’s archive for posterity.

These articles are available for members to study at our reunions and upon request from the Archivist.

They form a fascinating record of the wide variety of careers our members have taken, ranging from the mundane to international fame. It is hoped that they will provide a valuable source of research in the future.

Why not spend your time in “Lock Down” writing your story? The more we collect the more valuable this resource will become. We would like about 1000 words to tell us just what path your time at Dixie has led you down.

Contact ‘The Archivist’ on the Contact Us page.

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